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Sukkot: Israeli Dinner Under the Tent

    Date: Saturday, September 29

   Time: 6:00 pm

   Price: $25

   Group Size: 25

   Registration Ends: September 20


         9 Buscar St,

        Rancho Mission Viejo, 92694

        (949) 436-1005

     Send checks payable to:

         Sue Lieberman

         9 Buscar St,

         Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694


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September 29 - Sue Lieberman

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The holiday of Sukkot has several significances. The first one is agricultural in nature, leading from the pagan harvest festival where it marked the end of the harvest time in Israel. The second, more religious one, commemorates the Exodus from Egypt and the wandering in the desert.

The sukkah, a booth-like structure, temporary in construction, is topped with branches, open to the sky, and decorated with harvest themes. It is common for Israelis to eat, study, and sleep in the sukkah.

Our menu may include:

       Israeli salad

       Gefilte fish

       Unstuffed cabbage casserole

       Sweet potato tzimmes

       Falafel bites

       Sabra oranges

       Halvah candy

Please bring your preferred beverage.

The cost is $25 per person, and the event will be limited to 25 Gastronomers.

Use the RSVP button (above) to secure your place at the table for the event.   Then, drop the check in the mail!