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Lunch: Dim Sum at Seafood Cove

     Date: 10/1/2019     Time: 11:30-2:30

     Registration Closes: 9/28/2019

     Group Size: 18

     Price: $25


       Seafood Cove

       8547 Westminster Blvd.,

       Garden Grove  92844

     Send checks to:

        Sue Lieberman

        9 Buscar St.,

        Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694


        (949) 436-1005


Catch-Up Luncheon:

Tuesday, October 1st

Dim Sum Lunch

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Whew! We almost missed the September event, but in a last minute switcheroo, Sue Lieberman has  jumped into the fray, with a teensy shift into October. Kudos to Sue!

We'll be participating in a grand old Chinese tradition going back to the Silk Road and reaching fruition in Guangzhou and Hong Kong: Dim Sum

If you are unfamiliar with dim sum, it's as complicated as hailing a cab. Hail a lady pushing her cart around the restaurant and she will show and describe her treasure. Take one if you like. The process is similar to eating from kiosks of street food, except the street is moving instead of you!  Your assignment is to keep picking from passing carts until you’re gorged.

Each cart has its own hot or cold items, each dish or bamboo steamer has a serving for people to share. The variety is astounding: dumplings, pork buns, egg tarts, noodle rolls, steamed meat- and fish-balls, spare ribs, congee, spiced broccoli, and desserts. And that thing over there--what the heck is that?!

One of the bonuses of our venture: We're not doing it on the weekend. Frequently attended by families for a weekend brunch, these places can be a confusing madhouse, loyalists for shumai pouncing on a cart as it leaves the kitchen. Three cheers for the pensioner's advantage!

To participate, click the dancing RSVP button above--and put your check in the mail posthaste!  You must act fast as enrollment ends on the 28th!

Limited Time!

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