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Annual Planning Meeting & Dinner

   Date: Thursday, December 13

   Time: 5:00 pm

   Obligation: Bring Ideas, a Dish, Wine

   Registration Ends: Whenever


         Olli Classroom     

         Irvine Station

         15207 Barranca Parkway

         Irvine, CA 92618

     For more info, contact:

         Leslie Barnebey




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December 13 - Leslie Barnebey

Annual Gastronomers

Planning Meeting

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It's that time of year again, when OLLI's Gastronomers meet to hash out the schedule for the coming year. What will happen? More house-parties? Ever more obscure cuisines? More nagging unease about whatever you just ate?

This time, rather than simply bringing our appetites, our only usual obligation, we instead bring "big ideas" and ambitions to claim a month's presentation during 2019.

How about some new rules, limitations, secret handshakes or tattoos? This is a good time to bring your ideas up for general disregard or derision--but who knows? Maybe we could use a rule or two!

We will have a Honey Baked Ham and you are asked to bring something to go with it. Perhaps:


Sherri Nusbaum will generously provide coffee and tea.

Note: We are prohibited from serving wine in the OLLI classroom, but we may have wine tastings. Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine to provide tastings.

Use the RSVP button (above) to let Leslie Barnebey know if you will be attending and which dish you intend to bring.



Baked beans - scalloped potatoes - sweet potato casserole

green salad - pasta salad - coleslaw - vegetable dish

raw vegetable platter - fruit platter - desserts

or anything else you think others might enjoy.