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Dinner: Mediterranean meal at Pom & Olive

     Date: 11/21/2019     Time: 6:00-9:00

     Registration has Closed

     Group Size: 25

     Price: $30


       Pom & Olive

      1400 Bristol Street,

      Costa Mesa, CA 92626

     Send checks to:

       Gerry Scott-Moore

       2309 N. Louise St.,

       Santa Ana, CA¬† 92706


       (714) 851-8514



at Pom & Olive

Thursday, November 21st

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The Gastronomers' last event for 2019 we will be a multi-Mediterranean dinner at Pom & Olive in Costa Mesa. By "multi" I mean that this restaurant has assembled a deep menu comprised of myriad tastes from a wide swath of the Mediterranean and beyond: From Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iran--even Italy.

For our dinner we'll be treated to a mezze plate comprised of an assortment of starters, followed by Turkish beyti kabob, a Lebanese okra stew, Iranian chicken koobideh and a fried cauliflower salad--I don't know where that comes from!  Coffee or tea is provided. Wine and cocktails are available.

To participate, wiggle your  fingers and click the convenient RSVP button above to auto-send an email. Don't forget to mail your check.

Be forewarned:

In early January we will be doing our year-end potluck and planning session. All gastronomers will have an opportunity to queue-up to host an event during the coming year.  2020 promises to be an exciting year in  many ways--we'll make exploring interesting cuisines one of them! Put your thinking cap on now for your big idea.

Registration has Closed