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Lunch: Traditional Ethiopian meal at Abyssinia

     Date: 10/24/2019     Time: 11:30-1:30

     Registration Closes: 10/16/2019

     Group Size: 25

     Price: $20



       2801 W. Ball Road

       Anaheim, CA  92804

      @ Pear Tree Center

     Send checks to:

       Susan Fouts

       21382 Tarraco

       Mission Viejo, CA  92692


       (703) 599-7420


Traditional Ethiopian

at Abyssinia

Thursday, October 24th

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We will be having a traditional Ethiopian meal, served family style, at Abyssinia Restaurant in Anaheim.  

Ethiopian cuisine centers on wonderfully spiced vegetable and meat dishes, served atop a large circle of a soft sourdough flatbread called injera.  Injera is made from fermented teff flour, a cereal grass that originated in the area which is modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea.

We’ll start with a sambusa, a crispy fried pastry shell filled with ground beef or ground lentils.  Our combination platters, which we share at tables of 4 or 5, will include doro wat, (chicken simmered in red pepper sauce with onion and spices, served with hard-boiled egg), tender spiced beef nuggets, and a variety of wonderful vegetables, including lentils, cabbage, collard greens, tomatoes, and onions. Coffee or tea is included, and beer and wine, including a delicious Ethiopian honey wine, is available for purchase separately.

Our host will be Abyssinia owner Mehari Woldedelassie, who will provide us with information about this unique cuisine.

Oh, one more thing: Injera is not only the serving platter; it is also the eating utensil!  Each of us will get a basket filled with rolls of injera.  You will tear off pieces of the soft, spongy bread and use them to pick up bites of each dish, then pop the selected bite and the injera into your eagerly awaiting mouth.  So you get a manual dexterity workout along with the fantastic food!       

To participate, click the dancing RSVP button above and put your check in the mail.  Mehari asked for a one week notice on the group size, so Susan needs to have confirmation if you are coming not later than Wednesday, October 16.